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Dir: Pattabhi Rama Reddy, 113 mins, 1970, 

Naranappa, a Brahmin is dead in the Agrahara of the village Durvasapura. As per customs, the last rites of the dead man has to be performed at the earliest. But, Naranappa was a rebel who fought against Brahminism, who ate meat, consumed liquor and also, married a Dasi (a prostitute). Since, he doesn't have any family, there is some confusion as to who will do the last rites and fire the funeral pyre. Praneshacharya, the head, a devout and learned Brahmin, is tasked with providing the solution.



Dir: Krishna Masadi, TV Series

Bharathipura is about the practice of untouchability in a traditional society that is evolving into modernity through new economic forces brought in by a certain class of people. The story revolves around the life of an 'enlightened' modern Indian, Jagannatha. Violent and unexpected events follow Jagannatha's attempts to revolutionize everyone and everything by linking his own transformation to the changes he wishes to orchestrate. With its display of literary discipline in handling intertwining themes, the novel exposes the complexities of the caste system and the myth of social justice in modern India.



Dir: Girish Kasaravalli 75m, 2013

Ananthamurthy…Not a biography…but a hypothesis is documentary on the man, who was a thinker and social reformist of International repute, Ananthamurthy is a recipient innumerable literacy awards including the Jnanapeeth. This documentary foregrounds the vision of Ananthamurthy fiction and his reflections on Gandhian thought, socialism and diverse cultural issues that are explicated by critics and thinkers who have been interacting with him for several decades.



Dir: Girish Kasaravalli, 120m, 1970

A young Brahmin Vedic school student, who is from an aristocratic family, befriends his school master's daughter who is a pregnant widow. The boy tries but fails in concealing his friend's pregnancy. The widow has an abortion forced on her, has the eponymous ritual performed on her and is excommunicated. The student returns home as his school shuts down.



Dir: Lingadevaru, 127m, 2003

Kuppanna Bhatta and Appanna Bhatta are areca cultivators and custodians of the math's property. The story revolves around the tensions and circumstances that shape and influence their relationship.



Dir: Abhay Simha, 23m,

Documentary film on Dr. U.R.Anantha Murthy



Dir: Krishna Masadi, 122m, 1987

In a nation struggling with corruption and the corrosion of human values, the prime minister is all set to become a ruthless dictator. From his sickbed, the, revolutionary leader of the peasants, grapples with his conscience, the schemes of partymen and flattery from hangers-on. Memories come and go as his mind, tethered to a failing body, reaches for the true meaning of life. 



Dir: Panchakshari, 122m, 1987

The story of the film is about a struggle inside a family between Father and son. Son wanted to start a hotel business at Near by town but father wanted him to continue his legacy as a farmer. Mother is in support of son which father doesn’t like. Father doesn’t want to sell his property which has come from his forefathers. The story is totally blend with the Nature and says Nature will give life and It can kill the life.

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