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Our organisation has adopted the  “Anti- Sexual Harassment Policy” with an objective of providing a congenial work environment, where work can be carried out without fear of being subjected to discrimination or harassment (the “Policy”). The Employer strongly believes in respect at the work place and has zero tolerance to any form of harassment or discrimination, especially if it is sexual in nature. This Policy details the Employer’s stand on sexual harassment and discrimination and provides for a mechanism to address such an issue.

If you are subjected to any inappropriate behaviour, contact the Internal Complaints committee


Presiding Officer 
Ms. Deepa Ganesh

+91 9986165264 Email:

Ms. Vatsala H N

 +91 9900328258 Email:

Mr. Nanjundiaha Shashidhara  

+91 9448543457 Email:

External Member
Ms. Junia Sebastian Lawyer Direct telephone: Cell: +91 9845957770 Email:

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