Maa Tuki - Find Me Mother

(04:00|2019|Animation| India) 
 by Suchana Saha.

A 25-year-old takes care of her mother in a hospital. They delve into a nostalgic memory. There is an encounter of an undesirable change. How the two comes to terms with the change is the story all about.

Posharini - The Saleswoman

Director: Sreecheta Das

(27:00|2018|Drama| India)

Brimming with disillusionment, The Intern questions the identity of a nun who entertains desire. As she goes undergoes an awakening, it becomes a difficult situation.

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  1. Maa Tuki - Find Me Mother (04:00|2019|Animation| India) by Suchana Saha.

  2. Posharini - The Saleswoman (27:00|2018|Drama| India) by Sreecheta Das.

  3. *Driving Lessons (13:00 | 2019| Drama |Iran) by Marziyeh Riahi

  4. Ice Cream (09:00|2018|Drama |Nepal ) by Sangita Shrestha.

  5. Safed Sar (10:52|2019|Fiction |Afghanistan) by Atefah Hesari.

  6. *Ice (15:00|2017|Fiction|Estonia) by Anna Hints

  7. Diadem (29:53|2020|Documentary|Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Milana Majar.

  8. Once upon a time in Kurdistan (09:33|2019|Fiction| Iraq) by Zhino Hadi Hassan.

  9. Meenalaap - Fish Monologue (26:00|2018|Drama|Bangladesh) by Senjutee Suborna Tushee.

  10. My Name Is Petya (15:00 |2019|Fiction| Russia) by Daria Binevskay.

  11. Illuminati (14:00|2017|Fiction| Croatia-Serbia) by Nina Belina.

  12. Mamatva - Motherhood (30:00|2018|Fiction|India) by Kirti Singh.

  13. Performer (30:00|2019|Fiction| Bangladesh) by Tasmiah Afrin Mou.

  14. Tenebrae (16:00| 2018|fiction| Singapore) by Nicole Midori Woodford,


Please note films marked ' * ' are are password protected

and for Sri Lanka only.


  1. Thé Kahata (16:53|2020|Fiction| Sri Lanka) by Yasodhara Kariyawasam

  2. Urumaya - Inheritance (20:00|2020|Fiction|Sri Lanka) by Lanka Bandaranayake.

  3. The Ruins (09:31|2018|Fiction| Sri Lanka) by Senathirajah Vanitha.

  4. Fake ID is watching (07:10|2019|Fiction |Sri Lanka) by Fathima Kamila & Ashfaque Mohamed


  6. It’s not a Tall Short thing (16:00|2020|Fiction|Sri Lanka) by Shalini Divyanjalee.

  7. H2O (06:00|2018|Animation|Sri Lanka) by Fathima Shanaz.

  8. We made the Bomb; We made the Womb

  9. (05:41 |2020|Sri Lanka) by Namini Panchala.

  10. Life On Land (03:08|2019|Animation| Sri Lanka) by Piyumi Sriyangani, Dilsara Sindupani, Yahanika Colonna

  11. Two Curries (07:30|2020|Fiction |Sri Lanka) by Narthanie Serasinghe

  12. Beyond The Mirror (05:00|2019|Fiction| Sri Lanka) by K. L. H. Maduwanthi.

  13. Inside (04:30|2018|Animation|Sri Lanka) by Ayesha Suraweera.

  14. Deprimere (11:00|2019|Fiction| Sri Lanka) by Paramie Jayakody.

  15. Carrot (03:18|2019|Fiction|Sri Lanka) by Dumindra Ridmi.

  16. Light and Life (03:15|2019|Animation| Sri Lanka) by Upeksha Mahawaththa, Aruni Jayawardhana, Randi Imalka.

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